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Always Online 24/7 Facebook

What’s with facebook that we can’t avert them even for a day? Why are we always online, peeking seconds by seconds, checking what’s new with our circle of friends, dping nothing but just tapping our screen up and down? That’s the reality right?

You are so well on social media and are so busy if you are not doing the above. My loud applause to you! I admire you for being that – don’t have time to have a facebook account or even if you do, don’t have an ample time to check on it.

And sorry to me because I am one of those million citizens who can’t get enough of facebook. Always online 24/7… Tskk…. I sometimes blame myself for doing it, tapping the fb app, browsing up and down, see what’s going on around then close. But after several minutes and to take a break from work there ai go again checking in the facebook, seeing the same stuff over and over again. I don’t know what’s with my finger that I can’t help it.

Addict? Maybe…. ???? And I need to be rehabilitated then. Before I sleep, facebook, when I wake up – facebook, when resting with household chores – facebook, while traveling – facebook, while working – facebook…. See…. seems like most of my time is spent on it. I badly need to stop it.

Honestly I did stop it. Thanks to my phone’s minimal built in memory, I needed to uninstall those applications that eat too much space – facebook is one of them. It was harder and slower qhen using or browsing facebook through a web. But unfortunately, one of the messenging app which i can say is important doesn’t work with facebook web, the facebook messenger. I can use facebook messaging via web though, but it’s really slow so I opted to install my facebook app by then together with the fb messenger.

I have a wee improvement now, I logged off to prevent myself from coming back minute after minute. But still can’t take not to go online for a day.

Do you also have the same scenario as mine? Can’t you stop staring at your facebool account?

Let us make this as our challenge, let us challenge ourselves how firm and determined we are on not dealing with facebook for most of our time. Let us spend it with more lucrative things instead…. Let us start this challenge now….  act now…. don’t get hooked….

Till then,