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#ALDub or It’s Show Time?

Last Saturday, September 26 was a mess. Indeed I can say that…. Filipinos are very hooked to television, some are even bashing and quarreling online as to who is the most famous and who gets the highest trend.

I’m not a fan of both of these show, good thing I am not watching tv har har…. I don’t find them entertaining. Bash me if you want. But for me, there’s a lot more important things to do and spend time with than consuming and wasting time watching these.

Oh so sorry for being so negative here. I must say, these become the tools of everyone to entertain themselves and forget whatever problems they are facing. It’s not my time being wasted or rather, being consumed though. Anddddd, it’s the way TV networks earn, they need to trend and get more televiewers so they could earn more right? Same goes with blogging, you need to write more and earn traffic gain more readers so blogger can earn more 😉

Why I write this anyway? Because it always is getting in my facebook newsfeed. I didn’t watch, but my facebook friends posted about these two rivals. That kept me informed and a bit pissed because I’m not a fan, sorry 😉

Till then,

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