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He’s the Man!

*pardon the misspelled words as this post is written by a mobile phone * 🙂 🙂

I was really thinking if  going to blog or not 😉 while I am traveling. I was feeling lazy, just wanna think of something else while looking out the transparent window of the bus I’m riding on. But the act of a man, a co-passenger made me decide to write.

Right at this moment, about 1AM of 10th of October, this man seating on a row after us offered his seat to a tatay of about 50+ years old. He’s the man enough.

Young Man: Upo na po kayo dito.

Older Man: Sigurado ka?

Young Man: Oho, San Fernando lang ako

Bravo kuya. You made a right deed of offering your seat to an older man. I checked his black shirt and it’s written there REGALA, a police officer? Police or not, his deed was really applaudable. And whoever we are, let us try to do what is right. Doing so does not choose who you are and what your gender is. It’s a simple act that means a lot.

Tatay on-boarded in Cubao. He was uneasy as he stands and can’t continue his sleep because of his position. This perhaps made the young man decide to offer his seat.

Hay… hope there are many citizens who will do the same….in this new generation…

Happy weekend everyone!

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