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A Year of Longingness

It’s hard to lose someone you love, lose as in a person joining our Creator. No matter what we do and how we take care of our selves and love ones, there will come a time that any one of them and us will leave to join Him above. It’s a deepest pain one must accept. Let’s just think that, our loved ones who reposed had enjoyed their lives here on Earth, and still enjoying whatever they have now in heaven, with God (yeah, I believe in the second life, but can’t imagine how is that 😉 )

Last week on October 16th, we just celebrated my husband’s mother first year death anniversary. It’s a culture of all Filipinos to prepare for the anniversary and spend something for it. And so in Pampanga, everyone was busy preparing food to be offered to guests and visitors. The death anniversary was on 16th, and since it’s Friday and everyone was either in school or work, the celebration was done on Saturday, 17th.

And the preparation was over, the food, the tents, tables and chairs, and the premier table linens used were all set, time for dinner. Just waiting for the guests to come over the house and enjoy the foods we prepared 🙂 And yey, although Lando typhoon was here, no one stopped them from coming and enjoying what we have 😉 Thank you all for coming!

I am very thankful too to my family – inay, tiya, toy and cha for joining us here, helping us prepare the food and all. I don’t have good pictures to share with you though, just in memory.

Nanay, wherever you are, always remember that you are loved by all. Memories will remain forever. Thank you so much for everything.

Till then,

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