The Wedding Ring

I once posted about how important it is to wear the wedding ring. The post is on my other blog Life on Dhi Web. And now I thought of writing again about it on this blog. To share my thoughts on how important the wedding ring is.

For me, wedding ring is a sacred symbol of marriage and love. It should be worn all the time to show the world that you are dearly love by someone. Never remove it if not necessary. That’s what I do, I don’t remove it not unless I do washing and bathing.

Our wedding ring is a combination of silver and gold – we just love the two tone, and was purchased last 2011 of course before our marriage 😀

I didn’t realize that there are already Joy Jewelers platinum bands, that look like below.

 photo wedding bands_zpst92bcp4c.jpg

Looked elegant though. I want to buy another pair for our silver wedding anniversary (oh, 21 more years before it happens).

The epitome is, we married people should wear our wedding ring or bands all the time. It shows LOVE.

Till then,

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