Still Our Pride – 4th Impact!

Although 4th Impact had been voted out at X Factor UK – they still are Filipinos’ pride. Judges decisions for 2 performers – 4th Impact and I don’t know who the other one was, were dead lock. So this means that public votes will prevail. And then the public had decided to vote out 4th Impact.

It was a long  journey for them. They had gone a long long way. The fame is there, the pride is there. They made us proud. To be included in the top 5 is one of the hardest parts they had to face, they did it, they nailed their every performances. A great talent indeed!

More than six months in UK is a great experience for them. I am just thinking if they were able to get some bc rich warlock case as a souveiner. Oh I bet they got, with half year spent in UK, many tokens and memories were surely kept.

Congratulations 4th Impact and way to go! Thank you for making us proud!

Till then,

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