Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines

And now it’s official, I posted last December 16 that Philippines is the Miss Universe 2015! And it’s for real, not just a wish.

On December 20, Sunday – the whole world, rather, the universe was focused in television waiting for who will be the lady to be crowned that night. The pageant was held in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, was locally aired live via ABS-CBN. It was Monday here in the Philippines – December 21 8AM when the pageant transpired. A night before this, I told my husband that I will watch the pageant and this means he should spare me from doing the household chores that early haha. He said OK naman.

Pia Wurtzbach was the country’s representative, and who joined Bb. Pilipinas for three consecutive years, since 2013. She won first runner up on 2013, did not enter into top 5 on 2014, and luckily won the crown of Bb. Pilipinas Universe on 2015. Her passion and perseverance to won a title landed her to win the Miss Universe title. The 3rd Filipina, after four decade who brought home this pride. Definitely our country’s pride!

During the pageant, she had wow performance, very fierce and competitive. The whole nation was happy when Miss Philippines was called for top 15, then on top 5 ( gave me a heart-pumping moment because she was the last one called). And then finally entered into top 3! Her answer to “Why do you think you deserve to win the Miss Universe title” was amazing. Among them, USA, Colombia and the Philippines, I think hers was the only one who did not refer to her character or being passionate, hers refer to the nation, her concern for our country – “confidently beautiful with a heart”.

When USA was called as the 2nd runner up, I was nervous and praying hopefully Pia gets the crown. But to my dismay and to my friends dismay, Steve Harvey called Colombia as the Miss Universe. I was like, Ayyyy 🙁 So sad, so close, we were there! Until after two minutes or three when Miss Colombia was already enjoying her moment in the stage as the Miss Universe 2015, Steve Harvey went in the center stage and apologize……… It was a big mistake of him to announce that the winner was Miss Colombia! My sadness turned into happiness when Steve announced that the Miss Universe 2015 was actually Miss Philippines! I yelled in excitement and happiness! Finally after 40+ years, we got the crown again. It was just so awkward moment when two ladies were in front, Miss Colombia wearing the crown, sash and flowers and already enjoyed the moment, and Pia, who was confused and didn’t know what to do, waiting to transfer what should be hers.

This host’s mistake created a huge issue worldwide. I felt sorry for Colombia, she already cried and was joyful winning the title, but after few minutes it will be taken back again 🙁 Hayyyssss…. Oh well, let us just hear what the judges said – I’ve read that all of the judges voted for Pia as the Miss Universe, that’s from Perez Hilton, and I like what he said/wrote/statement, enough to vouch that the true winner with heart is our dear Pia Wurtzbach!

Congratulations Pia! You brought another pride to the third world country! Thank you very much!