My Baby Tummy of Our 2nd Baby

To prepare JD for the coming of her little sibling, we make sure that she always say love you, good night or morning and kiss my tummy. We explain her that she will soon have a sister or a brother to play with and share toys with. So by this means, we hope she won’t get jealous when our 2nd baby arrives.

Just to share, when I was pregnant with JD, my tummy was so little. But this time, it is bigger. I checked on my bump pictures and was shocked to see that my 16 months tummy now is equivalent to my 28 weeks tummy then…. It is so big today. Anyway, I’ve read that 2nd pregnancy tends to have a bigger tummy than the first because it already stretches, good reason though. This means that I will have more bilbil to shed after giving birth! Yay, hope I can shed weight that fast, to go back to my 46Kg weight hehe…..

Here’s my 3rd and 4th month picture… and my bumps before when I was carrying JD (photos to follow).

Till then,

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