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Positivity of a Palitaw Vendor and Tutor

It’s been almost 8 years when I started blogging. And I must say that the passion in me when I was just starting to blog has diminished. I don’t have the same urge now to write as before. Maybe because my niche is hard and I now find it hard to post something interesting. Even the many places I’ve been with were difficult to transcribe.. hmmmm and now I can tell you that it’s not about the time because I have lots of it, just like now that I’m in a bus going home in Pampanga. The reason behind for sure is my laziness for not blogging, although I thought of many topics to post.

Why can’t I bring back the 4 posts in a day here? Please passion be with me again.

Anyway, all I need is positivity. I have a positive outlook in life – for all the many blessings we’ve received, who wouldn’t be? I’ve been through a lot of sacrifices during my childhood days in fact, but what kept my faith was my positivity and my family as my inspiration. I wouldn’t be here if I was not hungry and thirsty for my ambition and dream.

I’ve read an officemate’s post about him as why he’d be a proud STI alumna.. And I was moved by his story, his dream and ambition helped him position to where he is now. It’s because of his positivity.

And I can somehow relate mine to him. Like him, I didn’t care if I came not from a famous university but from a provincial college in Laguna. But I am proud I am one Canossiana, it helped me be me – sharer of God’s love. And I was one lucky person because that beloved school was the only one I took exam with – and scholarship. And I was lucky to be granted full scholarship – because I was so sure that I will not be able to finish my college education – my father and mother were kakanin peddlers. Si inay ang nagluluto ng butse, pilipit and palitaw and si tatay ang nagtitinda. The income they were getting was just enough and sometimes not enough for our daily needs. Going through college was hard, being financially unstable – but at the same time an advantage for me as it served as my inspiration to finish my college ed and help my parents uplift our family’s condition.

To help me with my daily allowance, wherein I had with me 20 pesos, enough as my fare going to school. But how about toing home? Don’t worry, I also had palitaw and sometimes yema to sell to my classmates. They knew my situation and they were kind enough to buy from me, so I have money na to go home!!!! I also tutored elementary students when I was in my 2nd year, that was the time I stopped selling palitaw na. I earned about 1500 per month – I think boarding house was 500 and the rest was my allowance. I sometimes gave some to inay pa. Ang saya ng life di ba? Kung tamad lang ako nun and hindi positive wala sanang nangyaring maganda ngayon, hindi sana ako si Dhynnes ngayon. Hay…. I will keep on reiterating this wonderf story of mine. Dati umiiyak pa ko kapag nagkekwento ako pero because I know how I am so much blessed, wala na ang madalas na pagluha.

Mataba na sina inay at tatay, hindi na giri or tabingi ang aming bahay. May asawa na ako at may isang Jd at susundan ng isa pa. Walang marangyang buhay pero marangya sa pagmamahal ng kapamilya at kaibigan. My 2 brothers are in Saudi – salamat kay Jay at Kuya Andy.

Now I’m at Xerox and proud to be here, turning 7 years on May 25. I also went through a lot here but positivity remains and will always be.

I hope everyone does have positive outlook in life para naman peace on Earth is there….

Till then,

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