What’s with JB?

Am I really getting old? I don’t listen to music anymore, not updated with songs that are in nowadays. If I am not mistaken, it started when I gave birth to JD. My time turned to her, kept busy watching and playing with her. There’s no regrets anyway. It’s even more okay than spending my time with everything around me.

Okay okay…. it’s now my turn again to blog. Waiting for 1230 to hit he clock and then this bus can go. Will travel for 1 1/2 hour or 2 to reach Pampanga. And while waiting, here’s my post for this time.

Yesterday, I saw one of my officemates asking for copies of Justine Bieber songs…. I forgot the title though. But seems the songs are popular and nice. I am really outdated. I’ve never listen to JB’s new songs. I just know his baby baby….. and I even do not know the title hahaha….

In his latest songs, does he play musical instrument or he is just singing? Does he own a guitar from apollo quad ? Maybe he does! He is a singer eh….

What’s the title of his latest songs? Would you know so I can listen and see for myself if those are really nice…. (oh dhina go google it no) ???? ????

Till then,

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