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Three Year Old

Here I am again, traveling home by Genesis bus. And as I’ve said, I will use this time to blog habang hindi ako inaantok.

Okay so here’s to start.

Kanina while walking and heading to MRT jeep terminal, a girl who seems to me a 7 year old – caught my attention, she was with a couple na I thought were the girl’s parent. And why she caught my attention? They were in front of me and bigla na almg padabog na nilaglag ng bata tumg shoulder bag na dala nya while she was being held by the guy on her left. The girl na kasama nya, picked the bag patiently. I overheard the little girl complaining and arguing with the lady in high tone voice. Unt the little girl left her pair of shoes and continue to walked na nakapamewang sabay dakdak na di ko mawari ano sinasabj. I just heard sabi nya sa lady “talaga!” Yun bang tipong sumasagot or lumalaban sa kasama nya. Then hindi na nakapagtimpi yung babae and berated the little girl, “napakasalbahe mo manamg mana ka sa nanay mo! Isuot mo yan!” And they continued fighting, the little girl was loudly answering back while crying. Ayun naiwan ko na sila na nag aaway. Eksena!

Then I realized how much lucky we are with JD. Oo bata pa sya, she’s turning 4 on March, pero as young as she is, hindi namin kinakikitaan ng di magansang pag uugali. She has respect to everyone which we’re really thankful for. But…. sabi nila 3 is the age where parents would encounter difficulty in disciplining a toddler. I must say this is true… Terrible three sabi nga nila. When I share how kulit jd is and how she sometimes mimic her cousins prove that terrible three is true. JD is in the stage na ang hirap tawagan, very focus watching you tube – maya girl, play doh, lego and so on. Ilang beses need icall para sumunod. And she also is nagdadabog kapag nasasabihan, does not ligpit her toys, malikot pero hindi naman super. Hay pur three year old JD.

But now as she approaches her 4th birthday, we can see a lot of improvement on her. Nagliligpit na ng toys, and even helped me clean or sweep the floor, once or twice na lang tawagan, and listens to our advices. Ang hindi pa lang maalis is yung pagiging active nya habang pinapaliguan at binibihisan, so likot pa din. She still wants to play while bathing.

 photo Collage 2016-01-20 00_18_03_zpsbgbpjlki.jpg
She’s starting to mature as she leaves her three years of age. Salamat naman.. we don’t need to worry about her behavior when she goes to school. And it also shows na she’d be a well disciplined child – alam nyo naman and makikita nyo naman di ba if hindi. And jd is very articulate, she keeps on asking questions if she wants to know something – one of the things that we admire from her. So baby keep it up….

Hopefully hindi sya magselos once dumating na kapatid nya. Aelosa pa naman sya kapag may karga kaming ibang bata…. hope she’s not with her baby sibling.

Ayt baby jd, I hope one day mabasa mo tong post ko na to. Sana may pambayad pa ako sa haha. Always remember that we all love you so so much. You are God’s wonderful blessing. Love you more each day!

Love much

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