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Exploring Quezon’s 3 Islands: Puting Buhangin, Borawan and Dampalitan Islands

***Flashback on June 2015***

Hooray for the event organizers for a successful 2 days and a night bonding at Padre Burgos Quezon Province!

It’s about time to discover my own province and explore some of the towns I have never been through yet. The farthest I have been with was Sampaloc Quezon, now it’s another check on my list, I’ve been to Padre Burgos Quezon, not only for a day but two. Did island hopping on June 13 to 14, fun and enjoyable dhi’s adventure!

Because of the many strong typhoons that visited the country, especially the Quezon province which is prone to typhoon, many islands were discovered, most of them are white beaches. That is now making Quezon popular and a very nice tourism spot.

Prior to our main event my colleagues did a lot of preparation on this. We also had a meeting to discuss the do’s and don’t s and the iterinary. The main person behind this was Froi! He is the one who contacted our agent. Thanks to him we had a cheap travel experience! Cheap as in Php1,700 all in! (Except for fare). Yes you read it right, that amount for 2 days inclusive of foods – lunch, dinner and breakfast, entrance fee for 3 islands, environmental fee, boat fee, shower fee and cottage/tent. No more worries, gaganap ka na lang ika nga ni Froi.

On the first day, since most of them were from Manila, they met at 1am of June 13 to get on the bus’ first trip at 2am – Jac Liner (LRT/Buendia terminal). I wasn’t on a bus travel with them I was with my husband who went home to Tiaong on the night of June 12 so we can leave the next day not so early as 1am. And on June 13, from our Tiaong home we left at 4am. Froi told me that they already were at Tiaong then. So fast! Per our text messages, they were already at Lucena 5am, an hour earlier than expected. They only traveled for 3 hours while we had it 1 hour (by car).

I am not a car traveler so we used the GPS and because both I and my husband are not familiar with Lucena, we went through residential area haha. Nevertheless, we still was able to get out and trace the Padre Burgos crossing. As Froi mentioned, they will ride a mini bus with Unisan sign board and will rode off at Crossing Padre Burgos. So we used that one in GPS. It was a bit hard as there was no landmark provided. We passed by Pagbilao first and according to GPS Padre Burgos crossing will be right after Pagbilao. Long long road and we can’t find the Crossing. Until we saw a Brgy. Campo signboard at right way of the road, but we didn’t go through yet, we reached a place where there is a green painted establishment called Padre Burgos Tourism, that signaled we were there. Because we were still confused where Crossing is, we called Darold – our agent, for help, and he mentioned that we were already there, we need to go back to Brgy. Campo, trace the road to reach their house. In no less than 2 minutes, we reached their place. We arrived earlier than my colleagues, because of that, I and my husband decided to fetch them in crossing so they would not be confused on where to go. And after our 1 or 2 minute walk, they arrived! Yey!

 photo 20150614_092318_zps0bvmm0vv.jpg
This is the Padre Burgos Crossing Landmark

Darold oriented us about the tour, the do’s and don’ts, and all the important things to keep in mind, this took in less than an hour. Afterwhich, we had our cups of coffee for free!!!! Then we prepared and dressed up for the island hopping, putting on much sunblock for skin protection. And at 830, we began our travel. No worries for those who have cars, it can be left and parked at the Brgy. Campo port, you only need to pay Php50.00 parking fee, and it’s safe to leave there.

We hired 2 boats, 6 and 7 passengers respectively, because according to Darold, we are big enough to accommodate by only one haha.

So here are the pictures to tell the whole story. Enjoy!

Photos were taken by my GE X5

 photo GEDC0459_zpswitvwnbk.jpg
Brgy. Campo Port Area in the morning (where we also parked our car)
 photo 20150614_091241_zps5qyini7u.jpg
Parking Area at Brgy. Campo port
 photo GEDC0463_zps7ez4omrt.jpg
The other boat loading 6 colleagues, bound to Puting Buhangin
 photo GEDC0468_zpsakftoolc.jpg
The guy in pink is Darold – our agent
 photo GEDC0470_zpshxjjnki1.jpg
Passing by the Mag asawang Bato
 photo GEDC0485_zpsirtlgrip.jpg
Power Plant – on going construction
 photo GEDC0493_zpsza3vijxf.jpg
Kwebang Lagpas at Puting Buhangin
 photo GEDC0499_zpszf9tjhza.jpg
The tourists! Just arrived and ready to get tanned!


 photo GEDC0512_zps1bqnimtz.jpg
Art Ralph Ayeh and Kate enjoy the clear water

 photo GEDC0532_zpsawgvxrnl.jpg

 photo GEDC0533_zps7pysf9xi.jpg
My ugly feet soaked in clear sea water
 photo GEDC0541_zpsre3tg71e.jpg
Clear water near the Kwebang Lagpas
 photo GEDC0583_zpsslpu7ny7.jpg
at Puting Buhangin Island
 photo GEDC0593_zpsaka6bcgb.jpg
Ron enjoys it
 photo GEDC0614_zps8aopahaf.jpg
the shore and white sand
 photo GEDC0622_zps3y0fzhfi.jpg
I took them jump shot – achieved?
 photo GEDC0636_zpsqlrn3esl.jpg
Passing by these creatures as we traveled to Dampalitan Isaland
 photo GEDC0657_zps82e4waoy.jpg
Overlooking Dampalitan Island – Panorama shot (GE X5)

Time to leave Puting Buhangin, at 1030am, after enjoying the clear water under the heat of the sun, it’s time to go to Dampalitan Island, our 2nd island and the place where we will have our lunch and spend our night at. It took us 30 minutes of travel to Dampalitan.

 photo GEDC0679_zpscfhc5y7g.jpg
Our shelter for 2 days and a night


 photo GEDC0682_zpsi6bshdvj.jpg
tent as also as sleeping area

Below is our picture having and enjoying the lunch, part of the Php1,700 we paid. Lunch were steamed crab, fried fish, adobong sitaw and pork kaldereta. I did enjoy the kaldereta much.

 photo GEDC0668_zpsaxlzkfwi.jpg

This island is so quiet that time, lesser tourists were there. And it’s not also as good as Puting Buhangin. The water isn’t as enjoyable to swim with compare to Puting Buhangin. We even did not swim there. We had our lunch and took some respite.

 photo GEDC0685_zpsoxlf3rtu.jpg
at Dampalitan Island

At 2pm, we left the island again to hop in Borawan. These 3 kids below served as our belongings’ safe keeper, fee was part of the Php1,700. These 3 kids are residents of this island.

 photo GEDC0747_zpsvzajg4tm.jpg
the 3 kids who safeguarded our belongings

Time for Borawan, in approximately 15 minutes of boat travel, we were there. Borawan is a somehow developed island compared to Dampalitan and Puting Buhangin. There’s unlimited water supply, restrooms and stores. What nice with this island is the awesome rock formation. It also is a white island, but, not so clear water. Nevertheless, we still swam.

 photo GEDC0699_zpstqobsosa.jpg
Borawan Island

 photo GEDC0690_zps55s9odka.jpg

 photo GEDC0709_zpsdj0xd6w3.jpg
we’re having fun

 photo GEDC0710_zpsi8tc6bsu.jpg

 photo GEDC0712_zpseaghvchg.jpg

 photo GEDC0734_zps7bbfhbjf.jpg
Looks like a croc

 photo GEDC0740_zpsehjg7gb7.jpg

At 5pm, and after we had our shower, we went back to Dampalitan. We’d be spending our night there, not in Borawan as according to Darold it’s not safe anymore, high tide might happen and at the same time, rock formation isn’t that safe.

To make our travel worthy, my colleagues played cards, I didn’t join them as I don’t how to. While they were playing, the other 2 industrious guys were grilling the chicken bbq I brought.

 photo GEDC0751_zpsps7f6vsj.jpg
Preparing to play cards
 photo GEDC0750_zps0xmexmy0.jpg
Ceasar and Art preparing the fire

Sabi nila, sunset will be witnessed in Dampalitan, I was waiting for it, but we didn’t see it. Sa sun bar dapat nag stay? Yes, there is a nice sun bar in Dampalitan, it protrudes only at 4pm. I didn’t have a picture of it though.

 photo GEDC0759_zpsgnd2xwni.jpg
dapit-hapon sky in Dampalitan – the netted area is the area where we can swim, there’s a net ro avoid jelly fish
 photo GEDC0773_zps0a2efrub.jpg
Grilling until dark

Dinner is ready! Part also of the Php1,700, contained grilled squid (medyo makunat) fish, grilled liempo and ripe mango. Chicken BBQ is from me. We ate like a family!

 photo GEDC0776_zps4w1mvibg.jpg
Dinner is ready

There was also a bonfire – oh I mean you can do a bonfire to add spice on your bonding moment. The woods are also part of the Php1,700.

 photo GEDC0784_zpsqqkkov7e.jpg

Night passed. Medyo mahirap because of the noisy neighbors who didn’t sleep and didn’t mind people who were already sleeping. It was hot too that we cannot endure sleeping in the tent, but we had too. Mosquitoes are everywhere, nagpe pyesta sila sa pagkagat sa amin 🙁 I didn’t have insect repellent eh. So the epitome – I had not enough sleep. Buti na lang hindi namin isinama si JD, otherwise, wawa sya at kami.


Picture below is the other side of Dampalitan Island – taken the next morning. And behind this rock formation are the mangroves.

 photo GEDC0824_zpsxibacmcl.jpg
Dampalitan Island the following morning
 photo GEDC0830_zpsytzjfh4t.jpg
mangroves behind the rock formation taken above

Behind me in the picture below is the hiding sun bar (high tide). It will show up at 4pm.

 photo GEDC0848_zpsrefhj8vi.jpg
nice blue sky

IT was my second time in an island, first was in Hundred Islands in Alaminos Pangasinan, but I didn’t enjoy it well because of my UTI. In Quezon, I enjoyed it that much seems like my first time.

This place is highly recommended, especially the agent who assisted us here. Very affordable service. You may contact Darold (he’s also from Parde Burgos) at 0916-576-4069 / 0949 -636-2087.

Enjoy! and Experience the true wonders of nature in province of Quezon!

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