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Insights from Xavier Heiss

****Flashback from June 2015***

A very humorous top management official of Xerox visited PH site on this week (June 18-10 2015). Part of his iterinary is to meet the MFSS management team. Yesterday, June 17 at 7 to 8pm, we were invited for an hour meeting with him.

Tim Fogal was already in the meeting room setting it up, there were also 10 AMs inside when we arrived. Attendees gradually arrived until 7pm. And finally, the meeting has began. Tim introduced Xavier (pronounces as Zaviey) made some humors as well.

Then Xavier stood and introduced himself before us. He has a very European accent, obviously because he’s from Europe!

I actually was expecting a PowerPoint presentation or any other form shown in the big screen in front of us, because that’s how Xerox conducts a formal townhall, but there’s nothing. I was amazed by his wit talking for an hour without any material presented. Besides his wit, he also has an awesome sense of humor, making everyone laugh everytime he cracks a joke.

I am not going to detail what had been discussed, I might be sued if I did. The reason I’m sharing this is because, the last part of his talk really had a big impact on me, wanting a change and make an impression. This also is relative to leading a team, not only literally to lead, but looking for something to transform and make an impression of doing it. He shares a story of his 25 year old daughter who he perceives to work only for 2 years in a company she is in, because she’s still young and has the urge to look for another job. But this perception has changed, his daughter proved her maturity. Her daughter wants to do something important to her career, she has a presentation to prepare and she wants to make an impression on doing it. She wants to make a change. No wonder she’s a daughter of one of the VPs of Xerox, it’s in the genes.

That sharing left something on me. As a new leader, I still have many things to learn, I still need to have a courage and confidence to initiate change and make an impression, it’s not easy actually but with my determination and as Xavier said “ambition” (which I have) nothing is impossible, we can make a big change. I need to get out of my box and explore more. Learn learn learn and never be afraid of failures.


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