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Wow Lubao Int’l Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014

***Flashback to April 2014***
Six months had past already, and it’s only now that I remember to post about my first experience to see giant balloons on air last March 29, 2015. It was JD’s first too, and I think it’s Jay’s either. SO our first!

Thank you to my in-laws for allowing us to use the 5 tickets they bought 😀 Tickets were good for all day pass. The ticket’s price is Php250.00 per head. Pricey right?

Before the event started, we roamed and prowled around the area first. There were various booths selling various products. There was the Zoocobia too, the zoo where we went last year, they were selling birds and other animals. There were giant slide, JD took her chance to play for Php100.00.

While the giant balloons were in the air, there was a show narrating and entertaining the public…. I think there was a fireworks too, but we didn’t wait for it na as it was getting late na for us and will be hard to move out from the parking area due to the volume of cars.

It’s really hard to tell a story, so let the pictures below do it for you 😉

 photo 1402406_10205423243973428_7852850055235721552_o_zpsuqpummni.jpg

 photo 11064642_10205423266093981_5461561653532650927_o_zpskbei2auz.jpg

 photo 11001681_10205423246133482_5666020303691950610_o_zpsdxhwgqhp.jpg

My husband and our daughter Jhaydii

 photo 10418924_10205391214812719_3652842697036060941_n_zpst6yyenjy.jpg

 photo 10421388_10205391229413084_5873353112579478012_n_zpsotyjhqx4.jpg

 photo 10869869_10205423236813249_7762542348395180778_o_zpsnyphyrlq.jpg

 photo 11130474_10205423239213309_4070149168320202161_o_zpsqgpmmbh4.jpg

 photo 11096393_10205423251613619_5065286793875980834_o_zpsrko9jdse.jpg

 photo 11101239_10205391298054800_4449790942454616456_n_zpszp6ltf2q.jpg

 photo 11087970_10205423243453415_5991589330987839171_o_zps5vfjitm9.jpg

 photo 11082361_10205423244733447_2971142136506129980_o_zpsxemxulnx.jpg

 photo 11084181_10205423229333062_1786074344791931358_o_zpsaeeemaem.jpg
Before the event started, JD took a chance to play in this giant slide

 photo 11083976_10205423252773648_329752977908506068_o_zpstjebrzly.jpg

 photo 11082646_10205391223172928_6921937395202965393_n_zpsnx3j62sr.jpg

 photo 11080414_10205423251893626_2909217503878585925_o_zpsynndq7kp.jpg

 photo 11082606_10205391249613589_7546180566158521360_n_zpsmb5nlv72.jpg

 photo 11080939_10205391227213029_4518156970477124862_n_zpstop5jlzm.jpg

 photo 11082584_10205391228733067_3084039098298233599_n_zpsdhyss7cq.jpg

 photo 11069632_10205391298494811_6430239243096481102_n_zps0thjcdbz.jpg

 photo 11102928_10205423275534217_3761197667767399454_o_zpstdi3xiay.jpg

 photo 11130473_10205423275934227_2240940361584607828_o_zpswjfoacpr.jpg

 photo 11083952_10205423274134182_5595703031183357997_o_zpslmvoqqfj.jpg

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