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Flashback – Inay at 56th

*Original posting date – June 7, 2015*

It’s another year again to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Another year of blessing and challenges, another year to add more weight though haha, getting bigger and bigger as time goes by (peace).

We are born to have less of everything, my parents had elementary diploma and didn’t have any white collar job of course. We were provided with what peddling could give, my father used to be a carpenter, a laborer, but these didn’t become a hindrance to help the 3 of us. They did their best in order to support our college education. I and my siblings had a dream of finishing college although we know my parents had no enough financial source to support us, but still we were able to make it, with the help of each other.

We are thankful, very, that despite our destitute lives, our parents allowed us to achieve our dreams, and what if they didn’t? What if they just told us to work for them, I can’t imagine what our lives are today if that happens.

 photo 30a1e559-ff2c-4056-ab8b-c63936d905bd_zpsuppmto6t.jpg
BVMQW’s Parish Priest blesses the birthday celebrants

Payback time, it’s my mother’s turn to make her happy, to let her feel that her and our father’s effort are so worthy. That is why the 3 of us planned to give a surprise party for inay with the connivance of my sister in laws and tatay too. My mother was unaware of everything, Roxanne already bought what to cook last Sunday, I already ordered balloons and cake on Saturday, ate neneth was also informed of the videoke. All set, and so came Sunday, the day of her birthday. Roxanne and her inay, Jay and tatay and with the help of other friends and relatives, the preparation had started. This happened while I and inay with JD and Chacha were on the church attending a mass.The mass started at 830 am and finished at almost 10am. And as per the messages I received frm my husband and sister in law, the foods were not all set yet. And likewise Tita Jess and her friends were still in the meeting thus won’t be able to be in our home after the mass. With this I decided to go to SM and buy something and at the same time to divert spend more time in order to finish everything.

And then we went home. Right after we rode off the tricycle, a man sang a happy birthday for inay. Inay hugged me and uttered, “alam ko na naman eh sinabi ni Flor”, oh em gee… tiya flor spoiled our plans, kainis! She gave inay a hint about our surprise for her, so she had an idea of it na. But still, she cried and thanked us.

 photo IMG_20150609_163547_zpslbb35sed.jpg
Inay, Jhaydii (3) and Chacha (4)
 photo 20150607_132608_zpsgcjgpau5.jpg
JD and Chacha

This was the first time we did this. With the cooperation of all our loved ones. This is what a loving parent can bring, they are able to raise and nurture the kids whom can pay back what they had done before. Siguro hindi namin to magagawa lahat if hindi magaganda trabaho namin. Kaya buti na lang our parents are not selfish, they are also thinking of our future and our kids’.

Ang daming napagod lalo na si Roxanne and Tiya annalyn, tiya ellen, tatay and my husband and Che. We owe everything to them, the celebration will not be possible without them. Ang hirap kaya ng nagmamadali noh, ilang menu din naman yung niluto nila.

I deeply thank them for helping out in making inay’s 56th birth celebration possible. Sila na nagpagod to cooperate and to make inay happier. Many many thanks.

And to inay, thank you for raising us like this. We owe everything from you and tatay. Thank you for nurturing us with love and support. We wish you more years with healthy mind and body free from harm and with His blessings. We love you so much!


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