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I Love Bang’s Tony and Jackey

I miss my long curly hair 🙁 I now cut it shoulder-length because my curly hair was more than a year already and it’s losing the waves, so I decided to cut it short and be with my natural straight hair and to prepare for my delivery. It’s very uncomfortable to have a long hair then you have a baby.

When I get my hair longed again, I will surely revisit Tony and Jackey to have it permed, never mind the price, it’s totally worth it!

Here’S what I love with this Korean salon – originally posted last July 2015.
I’m loving my permed hair, that’s why I love Tony and Jackey – the Korean bangs saloon here in Manila. My hair was done on December 5 2014 at SM MoA branch.

My permed hair is almost 8 months now, but it still looks great. My officemate told me me that my hair looks more beautiful now that the curl is at the lower part. My hair grows and my curl stays. Unfortunately, due to non-combing, I get dandruff, so itchy!!

T&J digiperm (and I forgot what is called) costs Php8k, of course I won’t go for it if it’s that pricey. Every pesos and cents should be spent wisely, so I got Metrodeal promo, had it for only Php2999.

It took 5 hours to get my hair permed. The Korean who did my hair has these comments. “Your hair is madami” (thick) haha “you have many bangs” (ako lang kasi gumawa). Nevertheless I loved what he did, the result is awesome. I looked different haha.

Here’s my pictures during the session and after I was touched by Tony and Jackey.
Digiperm by Tony and Jackey photo Screenshot_2015-07-23-07-17-43_zpsa9yg0r7f.png

 photo Screenshot_2015-07-23-07-18-01_zpssl378sgv.png

I need to twist my hair when it’s still wet after taking a bath in order to get a nice curl. Thanks for the advice Mr. Korean, I am able to maintain my curls. He said divide my hair into 4 and twist, I did it before, but now I’m lazy to do the 4 so I do it just 2. Here’s what I did this morning.
 photo Collage 2015-07-24 01_20_20_zpshltcqssu.jpg

If you’d ask me if I still want to get permed by T&J, yes, I want, after I give birth ;).

 photo dhynnes.jpg