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I Owe It from Olay

I was pimply, oh not only pimply but acny, that was after my college educ and continued since then. Why it hadn’t happen when I was studying and sleepless? Was it really the right age to get pimples? Was I not too hygienic and forgot to religiously care my face? I bet not!

I almost lost my self confidence during those times. I can’t talk to anybody face to face or eye to eye thinking that their eyes were on my pimples. I was always looking down, or trying to check on other things when talking, yes, it seemed I was unattentive, not paying attention to the one I was talking to, but I wasn’t. I was trying to gain my, else, trying to avoid humiliation. I tried many soaps, finding the best solution to my face problem ???? C.Y. Gabriel, Cetaphil, Ponds toner, Placenta (the one with Pauline Luna’s picture) combined with Maxi Peel moisturizer, the Althea pills – the results were okay, these helped me with my problem, pimples finally stopped bothering me. But it left me scar, that now is the slight problem I face. I would say Placenta and Maxi Peel helped me a lot with pimple and scar, I also got a fairer skin.

But of course like our taste buds, we also get immuned with these products, hence, I need to try on another.

Not with the help of anyone but with the effectiveness of its advertisement, I decided to try Olay products. Because my skin is also sometimes sensitive (I got ichy when the product does not suit my skin) I bought the face products in sachets first, checking if it will pass my skin type. Fortunately my skin loves it so I bought bigger ones and complete set, day and night stuff. I wasn’t actually putting on face products like these, so kakatamad. But overhearing my colleague made me decide to do it now since I am already dotting. According to her, we should also take care of our skin even at night, put on some moisturizer to avoid looking old. Great influence on me though! Right then and there, I already was looking for the best products, until finally decided to have Olay.

No regrets, because the proof is noticeable. One of my cousins in law once asked me “Ate bakit ang kinis na ng face mo anong gamit mo?” And I replied, “Wow talaga, Olay ang gamit ko.” Not a wrong choice Olay, you indeed has a total effect.

The first night anti-ageing cream I used was bought last December and lasted until May 2015, see the picture below. I intentionally wrote the date to determine whether the price (Php700+) is worth the product or not, and it was really worth it.

My day and night regimen - Olay Total Effects
My day and night regimen – Olay Total Effects

 photo Collage 2015-06-23 09_36_01_zpsobga1wae.jpg

Not only does it make you beautiful and young, it’s also affordable, in the sense that quantity over price. Anti-ageing face products ranges from Php700 (the biggest size) but mind you, you can use or consume these for 6 months. Hindi kagaya ng ibang product na malaki nga ang lalagyan pero if you open and consume them all, half lang pala, nakaangat yung level ng content, may space sa loob. Ibahin nyo ang olay.

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