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Viral In-Specific Conjunctivitis, What’s This?

Last Saturday, June 27 2015, my husband complained the redness and slight water discharge on his left eye. We thought it is just something he got from JD. JD’s right eye was teary last week but only lasted for a day. We did not drop anything to it. Because the water discharge and redness did not stop on Jay’s eye, I put cotton filled with cold water on, repeated twice during the entire night.

Sabi nga sa wedding ceremony, “in sickness and in health” and so we were tested, we both are now both infected. When I woke up on Sunday June 28, my right eye was red and swelling. But eventually the swelling subsided, only redness and water discharge remain. We thought of it as sore eyes. We used the eye drop which my brother in law used, but still had no effect. I told my husband to buy tobrex (tobramycin) it was the eye drop i used when I had sore eyes before and it only took a day and it’s gone.

 photo viral201_zpsufqzzjoo.jpg
the affected right eye

But still no effect. We then decided to have our eye checked. And funny because there was no more available ophthalmologist who is Philcare accredited. But because I was eager to report for work coz of month end, I did not lose my hope. We went back to Makabali bldg and took a chance if we can see another ophtha. Luckily, at the building directory, I found one at room 211, Hizon. I went first leaving Jay and JD sitting at the waiting area to check if the clinic was still open. And it was! I entered and inquired. The staff hastily asked me if I already have my record and I said no, she listed me one and asked my information. While she was doing it, I asked how much is the consultation fee and she said Php800. On my mind I said, whattttt???? Ang mahal! So i told them please wait I need to go back sunduin ko kasama ko pa check up din sya. It was also my way of not availing the consultation because it’s too expensive. The normal I know is Php400-Php500. But the staff didn’t allow me. She told me to come inside and sit. What duh? Parang ayaw nila ako paalisin, no matter how many times I told them I will just tell my husband that the clinic is still open! The lesbian staff examined my eyes’ grade, looked like an electronic Snelin chart. After that the consultation proper.

I was told to sit in another examination chair, that time it was Dr. YAP. He asked me the story behind my eye. According to him, he cannot say it is a sore eyes. There are many eye infection according to him, allergies, viral, bacterial and non specific. And my findings, a viral non-specific conjunctivitis. I am advised not to work yet until my eyes are clear. ????

I felt guilty of my absence because it was month end. And my team members were alone facing the challenging closing. But thankfully they are good performer and my absence was not really an issue!

Today July 1, I tried to report for work. I was there at 730pm. But then my colleagues noticed that I am not well yet. So I asked my manager if I can leave the office and work from home instead. I don’t want to spread my infection, this is contagious.

I’ve researched about my case and I found out the the this infection is accompanied by colds, swelling of lymph nodes, fever, sore throat. Ahhhh I experienced all of these ????. Worse than sore eyes…

I hope we don’t make hawa anyone especially our family.

So now here I am, working from home.

Be healthy,

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