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Happy 35th To Me at The Singing Cooks and Waiters

And my birthday celebration hasn’t ended yet 😉 First and foremost, thank you very much to my ITO friends for a night of fun and celebration of my birthday at The Singing Cooks and Waiters. Although I kept my birthday a secret (and as you said walang lihim na hindi nabubunyag) you still made my special day a memorable one. I feel so blessed guys! From the bottom of my kind heart, thank you thank you very much!!!

Okay… so my birthday was on 3rd of March, I kept it from my friends in the office, only a very close/bestfriend of mine remembered it (she’s my friend since we were in college). My facebook is very private, I didn’t disclose my birthday and I also limit the audience of the tags to only family. Wala lang feel ko lang, I do it pa since last year. I don’t want to be greeted kasi only because facebook reminded them. I want to be greeted kasi they really know it’s my day hehe drama lang and arte ko lang.

So before 4th of March ended my ITO friends greeted me, they knew na it was my birthday on the 3rd. On that same day, I’ve received an invite D Day! Gave me a hint that it’s for my birthday. And here we go, I was happy for the effort they gave to celebrate my day at The Singing Cooks and Waiters.

 photo 20160308_200925_zpswojv8xtz.jpg

First surprise was when Bing arrived, ang galing ng drama. We were talking on the phone and sabi daya ko daw di ko sya sinabihan. I told her sunod sya kasi it’s in Buendia lang. We kept on talking and she was asking me if mapupuntahan daw ba nya ang TSCW. I told her yeap kasi malapit lang and the line was breaking I can hardly heard her because of the loud singing of TSCW matches with instruments and cables. I kept calling Bing Bing.. Hello Bing! Bing! DI can’t hear you.. And then there she is, in front of me na 😀 Kaloka na surprise naman ako, thanks Laiza! Bing is one nice person na everyone will like, very kind and friendly.

 photo 20160308_183756_zpsjiksiwzt.jpg
Thank you friends for the wonderful celebration!

 photo 20160308_191734_zps9qhgtqje.jpg

The cooks and waiters nga pala were singing na when we arrived. One hour and half siguro sila non-stop  nagsi sing… papalit palit and in fairness magagaling sila. Coconut, Flashlight , Delilah and many more songs were sang. They made the night even more fun, never had dull moments.

Here are some of the photos I captured.

 photo 20160308_184213_zpswac0uuzj.jpg
Singing and Dancing crews
 photo 20160308_184615_zps1sdfes6v.jpg
Bing was picked to join them in dancing with the coconut
 photo 20160308_184851_zpsgijpeoft.jpg
The Singing Chef
 photo 20160308_185711_zpssw28nenh.jpg
The singing and dancing guard

And our finale pictures

 photo 20160308_201028_zpsriervhrf.jpg

 photo 20160308_201356_zpswuly1pmy.jpg

 photo 20160308_201406_zpsdstt9in4.jpg

In totality, we all enjoyed the night, not a dull one. I suggest you visit the place at 6PM to 8PM, then 9PM to 11PM as they perform non-stop (only had a 30 minute rest).