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How to Maintain Your Permed Hair

Back when my hair was still permed.

Being a girl requires maintenance in order to look and feel good. Face, body and hair – a lot to spend for these. It’s a girl thing.

I once posted here the time that I got my hair permed at Tony and Jackey. I had it last December 2014 and it’s almost 10 months now. I feel and notice that my hair is looking better now, even if it’s many months old already.

To have a curly hair is not a joke. It requires high maintenance in order to look good and to avoid getting dry. But I find an easy way on how to do it without spending too much. I remember when I was at the salon, the Korean who did my hair told me to buy a keratin solution to protect my hair, and it costs 2k I think. I didn’t buy though. The miser me always thinks that it’s expensive. So instead of buying one I went to Watson and look for keratin replacement that I can use. That’s the time I saw the Tresemmè Keratin conditioner – it was on sale, discounted, so I bought one, bought also the Tresemmè Keratin shampoo in order to achieve a better result for my hair. And that was where my Tresemme journey began. And yes, although it’s expensive, it’s advisable because I don’t have to do other hair stuff like hot oil or the like, using Tresemmè only, really works for me (now I only have the conditioner).

 photo 20151003_121246_zps1pgv1unp.jpg
See the results… and pardon my selfies 😀

 photo IMG_20150924_221528_zpsrwvdvopk.jpg

 photo IMG_20150929_001049_zpsn7ilmemj.jpg
Here’s how I achieved those curls.

 photo Collage 2015-10-03 14_12_51_zpsy1iaqszn.jpg

Steps I do to take care of my permed hair:

1. Everyday washing with shampoo (I use Dove) and ample amount of Tresemmè Keratin Smooth conditioner.

2. Comb it by hands while wet.

3. When done bathing, divide it into two and twist. I used to divide it into 4 as advised by the stylist because it is thick, but since I don’t have enough time to prepare, I do the first. Stay it twisted until dry.

4. When dry, carefully comb by hand to get the curls.

5. Wear a smile all the time and be confident.

Those are the 5 easy steps I always do to take care and maintain my curly hair. And if I were to choose between straight or permed, I would still prefer the latter. I think it better suits me than straight because of my round and chubby cheeks.

Love it hate it?