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Why Wear the Wedding Ring

I was thinking of posting about the wedding ring but has always been forgotten, thank you my kumare for reminding me – you posted a link (an article about reasons for wearing wedding ring) and gave me now time to write it.

May I just share how proud I am of my husband, he always wears our wedding ring, wherever he is and whatever he does. I’ve never seen him unwearing it nor seen it placed everywhere – only on his finger. I haven’t shared to him yet how happy and proud I am. This just indicates how he values our marriage so much and how he loves me (kilig to the bones ang haba ng hair).

Now, that is one of the many reasons I want to convey. We need to wear our wedding ring all the time to show our spouse how much we value each other and our marriage. It is also one way of showing how much we love our partner.

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Our wedding day – June 11, 2011

Everytime I see someone wearing a wedding ring, my mind speaks that it represents that s/he is together with his/her spouse – that they are always together even not physically. The mere fact that wedding ring is donned, togetherness is there, nobody can separate the couple. And because we are doing it – donning our wedding ring all the time even we’re not together, we know that we always have each other.

One more thing, wearing it conveys that s/he is not entertaining anyone (suitors and the like), it implies that s/he is taken.

Let me just share with you my doing before when I was still single. I’d been single for so long, I called myself no bf since birth (nbsf), so every time I saw a good looking man, I first check if he’s wearing a wedding ring. And if he does, my mind automatically tells me to stop the fantasy. I even had a boss who interviewed me and so guapo, but when I see his finger gosh he wears a wedding ring, I told myself “sayang!” And besides, he is still young. (Landi lang haha). Knowing that he is already married, my admiration also vanished.

See, that’s I think is the importance of a wedding ring right. It prevents someone in fantasy. It prevents a third party relationship. Except to those hard-headed and malalanding individual who keeps on wrecking other marriage. Too bad there’s many on Earth albeit wedding ring is donned.

I admit I take it off – when I’m doing the household chores, bathing and when needed. But not unwear it for long. I am not used to separate it from me. Because I love my husband so much and I value our marriage to the max.

It’s sacred, its been blessed so let us take care of it and our marriage.

Do you have the same thoughts?