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Journey to a Flat Tummy

Back before when I got pregnant and was eager to see abs on my tummy 😉 This was originally posted last July 22, 2015.

Vina Morales, Aubrey Miles, Coleen Luna, Anjanette Abayari…..women that I admire. I admire not because they’re actresses but I admire because of their flat tummy, and the abbbbssss!!!!

When I was still single, I dreamed of having great abs like Vina’s. She was then performing a dance in ASAP and always was flaunting her abs, made me want to have those too. Back then, I started to do crunches, but not religiously, kapag sinisipag lang haha. Until I got married and got pregnant, delivered, and achieved a post pregnant tummy, protruding, bulging and soft, at 55kgs, down to 50kgs.

Still wanting to have the abs of those actresses I mentioned above. Been doing the crunches kapag sinisipag lang, that said, how will I achieve my dream if I am not doing it religiously.

And again, I really wanted to have a flat tummy with amazing abs, and promised myself to do the ab work out I downloaded from you tube, every morning for a minimum of 15 minutes (make it 30 ayt!) I was already doing it for like 3 consecutive days last May. I missed a day, and my eagerness to work out diminished, I stopped . So this second time, might as well do not stop so as not lose the momentum.

I started again Wednesday of last week, and only got an idea to take my picture of “before” this morning. See below please, the body of a 5’2 woman weighing 47kgs. Setting a goal to flatten my tummy and weigh less. Hopefully I can achieve it. ????

Before waiting for the after.. This is it!!!
Before waiting for the after.. This is it!!! – July 2015

Aside from doing an ab work out, I also am eating healthy and drinking plenty water. I guess this will work this time.

The result is up to me, I am the master of my body. So dhina, you can do it! Be determined and disciplined….

And on August 11 of the same year, I also wrote an update about my journey to a flat tummy. Here’s my post back then and the pictures of my tummy 😉

On July 22, I posted an article about my goal of having a flat tummy. Unfortunately on the last week of July, my schedule did not permit me to do a 15 minute ab workout, thanks to my eagerness I got back on track on August until now. So here’s the photo of my tummy after my 15 to 20 minute work out.

As a mom at 34 of a 3 year old girl, and having a petite body with 5’2″ height, I don’t want to be as heavy as 50 and wide as a cabinet. I want to become slimmer and trash out this excess tummy bulging in me. With the discipline and determination, I can say I am progressing and getting there! I can do this! My husband supports me anyway.

 photo Collage 2015-08-11 12_46_56_zps3fegenio.jpg
With some improvements from July

Look at the pictures above, can you spot the 2 line formation or the ab formation? I feel great to see the result, knowing that my effort is worth it, more push and sweat and I can have my idols’ ab haha. The video I’m mimicking says the work out needs to be done for 6 weeks in order to achieve a flat tummy and nice abs, konti na lang!


And after a month, I learned that I was pregnant haha. So say bye bye flat tummy and hello baby bump! Will work out again to achieve that flat tummy after I give birth to baby Kiel….