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I’m Priority!

Thank you my baby tummy – I was on priority lane during my passport renewal 😉

Last Friday, when I had to take an emergency leave from work because JD was sick, and while we were waiting for my turn on the ultrasound I decided to go to DFA (in Robinson Pampanga) and got a passport renewal form. I left my husband at the foodcourt, while I was with JD. At DFA, the security guard asked me who will be renewing, and I said I am. He then told me to get inside and sit in front row (for priority lane since I am pregnant) so I will be accommodated. That was 1100AM. I filled out the form and went to the processing room. My husband followed us there and helped me with JD.

The processing began. I actually forgot my SSS ID, good thing I have it in my yahoo email, just had it printed and presented along with the photocopies of the 2nd and last page of my passport. No other requirements needed for passport renewal – just that it, one valid ID and photocopy of expiring passport (2nd and last page). And my renewal application was approved! My passport expires on February 2017, but since it’s less than a year, and additionally I am pregnant, I took this opportunity to renew so it’ll be faster because I’d be a priority.

Time to submit my requirements, I was at verification window number 7. The staff asked me if it’s a regular (Php950) or overtime (Php1,200) application, I told her regular. Then next step is to proceed to the cashier for payment. The cashier asked me a Php1,200 – I told her, miss, regular. And she amended my receipt from Php1200 to Php950. After the payment, last step is the encoding. It was already 1230PM, and almost all of the staff were having their lunch, only two were left to process. The staffs assigned for the priorities were also having their lunch. So after handing my application to the guard, I asked him if we can have our lunch first, he said yes and if my number gets passed, I will be called first 🙂 Nice!

Lunch…. And after lunch we first went back to the clinic where I’d be having my ultrasound, but still number 7 (and I was number 13). So we went back to DFA and approached the guard whom I handed my application, ayun nalampasan nga ako. But good thing, salang na din naman ako pagdating ko. After less than 5 minutes, my turn, encoding, verification of information and capturing, and then DONE!

Passport renewal was over at 130PM, thank you so much baby tummy for making it that fast. Makwento ko lang din na my expiring passport was renewed last February 2012, a month before I gave birth to JD, I was also pregnant then, and on prio hehe…. In times like this, we should gran this very rare opportunity. Matagal pa naman magprocess ng passport right?