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Guitar – When I was a Grader

Ang saya lang 🙂 I remember when I was in my grader years, we had string instrument lessons then, and I forgot the name of a mamay who trained us how to how to string a guitar , bandurria and octavina. I chose to play guitar because it’s mostly used then and even today. I learned at first – basic strum only, but then as time went by, my interest to continue playing was declining, too bad 🙁

 photo bandurria_zpslju6u1oa.jpg



 photo octavina_zpsuihr5ic3.jpg
   Octavina – a little smaller than a guitar











And now I regret that I did not pursue playing guitar, I envied my friends and cousins who know how to play it well – match with their nice singing voice. Very talented of them!

I wanna learn again – but it’s too late now.

 photo dhynnes.jpg