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Managing Your Finances Matters

I thought of this as something that needs to share and post here. Something about finances, how to spend the money we have.

Ever since I got my own job and work in exchange of money, I never experience to spend it alone, I mean unlike those individuals whose parents are working or with other source of income aside from the salary. When I got my first salary way back 2003, the first thing that came into my mind was, how much will I share to my family 😉 Yes, always like that, thinking of the money I will share to my family, then have something for me to spend during the entire days until payday again. The routine that I still have today. Hindi ko nasosolo ang pinaghirapan ko 🙂 but…but…but…. the happiness within me every time I share and hand over money to my mother is incomparable. I knew that my long time dream was within my reach, was within me. Back when I was studying, I dreamed of helping my family progress from destitute, helping my parents with our finances. They have no permanent jobs. And back then that I got a job after my college education, my dreams of helping them started to materialize, then and now that I already have my own family. It does not stop.

Okay – with my own family… The difficulty of me as a working wife, and my husband is jobless which I call househusband (which normally is housewife right?), is listing all the expenses, budgeting the salary I get every payday. I forecast how much money will be left. It’s hard I admit. But with careful planning and budgeting everything will be okay. ***Update*** my husband is no longer jobless, we’re lucky that he now is being trusted by his eldest brother to manage and look after his business 😉 additional stipend for our family. Thanks a lot for this blessing!

This is the heart of this post. This afternoon, after withdrawing money from the bank, I went to SM MOA to buy JD a number poster. When I reached there, my mind kept on telling me “go to Terranova, there’s always sale there!” So I did. I roam around, got my husband a denim long sleeve which he can use while driving a motorcycle for Php495, then checked some girl items, found a royal blue sleeveless blouse for Php325, brought it along, checked on some pants and found one for only Php395, found a dress for Php395, was also checking something for JD, found a cute dress for Php245, total of these is Php1,855. Not bad right, branded yet cheap. At the back of my mind, I was telling that I will pay these through my credit card, I still have remaining balance to use anyway. Duh, and it’s cut off tomorrow 🙁 And as I walked along and checked some other items that I can buy, the clothes I brought with me started to hang in the area I passed by. I just left them hanging there, the irresponsible me just left the items I fitted anywhere, my bad! I know I was bad, but I think it was a nice way for me to turn away from getting them, buying them, oh should I say, crediting them since I will use credit card. Thankfully, the thinker bell dinged, and told me “oh, don’t buy them, you still have stuff to wear, you can buy some other time!” and so I left the boutique bringing nothing.

I now have the capability to think through, think many times before bringing home what I want. I now have to think over and over, do I need this? How much is my money to pay for these? Do I need to use my credit card when I ran out of cash? What about tomorrows, I will have to pay for the purchases I used in advance? Those are the questions now that I keep on pondering every time I decide to buy on something. Really helps me with money, with finances. I can now say that I am wisely spending my money.

I went to National Bookstore instead after Terranova (although many boutiques were inviting me, I just ignored them haha) and look the number poster. I found nothing, but I saw a book by Fancisco Colayco, Pera Mo Pinalago Mo, I grabbed one for Php349. I need it as we are already thinking what to invest and never rely solely on my job. We need to have some investment too, aside from the stocks we have, for JD’s future, for my kids’ future 😉

But wait there’s more. To say that I totally a wise spender, I need to practice on saving first before spending. I will I will. I am practicing spending before saving, but end on nothing saved because everything was spent. So, do it reversely now. Save before spend, aja!!!

Till then,

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