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Welcome Dhina to California!

Utah – July 2009, Dallas Texas – February 2014 and for the third time, California on October 2014. These were the states I’d been through for a business training, one of the perks or benefits (I consider) bestowed on me when I join ACS (now Xerox).

So on October 2014, I together with the two co-employees flew to CA for a 3-week training. We flew by the China Airlines – yes China but the service was okay.

Ehem, and this post will require a lot of reminiscing as it already has 2 years passed. Good thing I posted a lot of pictures in my IG account – will help me remember things then πŸ™‚ Oh, and I’d rather grab a shot of ’em and post them here, they have caption though, sort of telling what happened then πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the photos!

 photo Screenshot_2016-05-04-16-35-01_zpsh5gzu1rf.png

 photo Screenshot_2016-05-04-16-35-13_zpsx65hdgph.png
I posted it without editing – it’s last 2014 pa
 photo Screenshot_2016-05-04-16-35-41_zpsjvpxvgac.png
yey, window seat!
 photo Screenshot_2016-05-04-16-35-28_zpsd1tt7ujy.png
Welcome to LAX

 photo Screenshot_2016-05-04-16-37-41_zpsltzfecxf.png

So that’s our long flight πŸ™‚ Been used to going through the US Immigration na din. And I had a funny story pa nga here because the Immigration Officer asked me if Ralph (my guy companion) is my boyfriend daw, although I told him that we’re on a business trip. His way of tricking me perhaps.

To post later are;

  • Our Visit to Universal Studio
  • First Time in Walk of Fame
  • I’ve Been to Golden Gate San Francisco

Okay okay…. And besides traveling to US, I would also want to travel within Asia now with my family. First on our list is at Hongkong, but doesn’t know yet when it will happen. I want my kids to experience HK Disneyland as much as I did when I went there with my officemates πŸ™‚ I enjoyed a lot, and it surely means that my kids will do enjoy as well.

Besides wishing to visit Hongkong, I also am looking forward to visit Singapore. I have a lot of friends working there, and honestly, I was also dreaming to work there. Singapore is known to have a disciplined people, and stable jobs. But of course, along with this is the high cost of living. And so now, I would want to visit this country for pleasure, with my family and of course we would need to find for a place to stay in while we are there. So many hotels to consider, and would want to try the cari hotel di singapura. I will just ask my friends where best to stay at during the wished Singapore stay with family.

Till my next CA and travel posts πŸ˜‰
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