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Is FOREX Trading A Worthy Investment?

With much curiosity and eagerness, I decided to invest in stocks I think 2 years ago. I told myself I should have some investment at my age, even I am just sitting and doing nothing. And albeit without much knowledge about it, I opened my account and started to buy shares. Mine is for long term, that is why for now, I am not bothered whether my portfolio becomes red or green, but thankfully, stocks has recovered from its downfall last year.

And now that I am enjoying this investment, I am thinking to add some, FOREX trading? mutual funds? or….. do you have something in mind that you can suggest? I’ve known some of my friends have ventured into business, something that require their presence and personal touch – I am not ready for it right now, I am seeing myself to invest in something that requires less effort 😉 Something that I will be benefited when I get old, and for my kids’ future.

Now, FOREX trading, something that I really have no idea how it goes. I need to attend a seminar or read articles about this to help me be informed and knowledgeable. FOREX trading is not only here in the country, of course when we say FOREX, it means foreign exchange and it involves foreign currency, that’s what I only know. So when foreign currencies are involved, there are various countries involved as well right? Since currencies change or fluctuate everyday (like stocks) but I have no concrete idea of how it goes, I am not confident yet to invest on it. I would need FOREX broker when I get myself into it. When I started my stock investment, I had it through a bank, how about the FOREX, does it need to be a bank or a debit card with large account would be enough? Hmmmmm, think think. And because I have no absolute idea about this investment and to also help you, more information  can be found on

I believe it’s a worthy investment, I just need to study and delve into it. In times like this, where everything, every commodities go up, there is nothing we can do to eke up our salary than to have some investment, in preparation for our family’s future. We cannot solely rely on the job we have right now, we should have something to be busy with – something that will catch us when we fall, when we lose our job (praying and hoping not to happen). That is why, you or we should start to invest right now. And I regret to start it this late, I’m already in my 30’s, I should have started it since my very first job – but I had no idea then, I was innocent, all I knew was to earn money for my family. But now, I know what to do, time tells me so 😉 and I will make sure to learn everything that I need for every investment I want to venture.

So are you planning to have any investment or do you already have one?

Till then,
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