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I Am in Shock

Is it true? It is very hard to believe….. and it was very shocking to know….

A while ago while I was browsing my fb newsfeed, some posts got my curiosity….

“Be strong Brother for your kids”

“Be strong brad, I will include you in my prayers”

and so on…….

These made decide to check on what really happened, and I was startled to know that my former Advantek colleague who was the same age as mine passed away today 🙁 A mother of two – the eldest is just 5 or 6 years old I think and a boy who will be turning 2…. Too too young…. a very very sad news to hear…..

A colleague who sang well and sometimes I even asked if she has some musical instruments found at wwbw.com yamaha keyboards, a mom who boosted with confidence, short but clever…. loquacious…. and fun to be with, never a dull moment with her…

May you rest in peace my dear… you are now in God’s hand.

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