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I’m A Blogger

I’m a blogger, an online writer. Just about anything sometimes balderdash sometimes not. Like now, just want to blog so I won’t fall into sleep while on a bus going home. Pampanga, wait for me in less than an hour, I’ll be home.

And here goes what I want to share 🙂 🙂 🙂

Being a student requires hardwork, patience, diligence and intelligence – but the latter is a plus factor. And having said these, every school requirement or projects especially when you’re in tertiary or college level, should be completed (anong konek?) ganto lang kasi ang gusto ko sabihin hehe. Last week and early this week, there already were four persons sending me messages asking me if I can be interviewed as part of their school requirement. They are looking for writers from Quezon province. I can see that someone was searching for Filipino writers from Quezon because of the settings embedded here in my blog and because I have an article about our province wherein I used the Filipino writers from Quezon as tags. Googling this led them to my blog and then they contacted me upon knowing that I came from Quezon. But I am not considering myself as a writer because for me, writer has notable published articles in hard copy or soft – which I don’t have. So my apology if I can’t entertain you dear students as I may not pass as a writer.

I may ba a singer if you want though 😉 I was trying hard to convince myself that I sing well – I want others to hear my high-pitched voice and praise me for having it. Yeah, they praised me for having a high pitch/note but not with singing haha. Oh well, I can someday try dbx driverack pa so I won’t raise my voice right? We’ll see then!

Ayan, thank you for the time I have hindi ako inaantok at nakapagpost pa ako! I’m getting close to my place, in Pampanga! I’d stop for now and rest my fingers and eyes….

Thanks for visiting!