Daily Living

Recovering the Shoes

Budget budget budget 😉

We all need to look after it, live within our means, buy those necessary only.

First my bag – I had it DIY repaired. Next is my office shoes which I’ve been using for more than 5 years already. And because it’s serving me for so long now, the black color is fading, good thing it’s authentic leather that is why it lasts for years.

I am still frequently using it at work – and it’s so disgusting to see my black shoes appearing white because of the faded leather. So again, within my means, I revive it by using a shoe shine and Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. It becomes shinier because the microfiber material helps to shine and bring back life to my shoes. After cleaning and shining my shoes, time to clean and sanitize my hands, and dry up using the Microfiber Towels.

I heart my shiny shoes now <3 <3 <3

 photo IMG_0719_zpsegstoxw8.jpg

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