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DIY: Bag’s Repair

We’ve been closely monitoring our monthly budget since I got married. I have a cash flow plan wherein I plug all our expenditures and source of income. With that, I can foresee whether we will be having any excess or not. But nowadays that our monthly expenses have increased – with JD’s schooling, another baby and the household help, there is little or no more left for other unnecessary thing 🙁 really budget is so tight. We have to set aside things that are not really needed – those can wait! Like, I want to buy a new bag, office clothes, kid’s shoes and clothes, but like I said, set aside those first and focus on what really is important.

And because we are currently tightening our belt, the bag that I’m using for two years is starting to tear off 🙁 and no excess to buy a new bag. So I came to the idea of repairing it by myself! Thanks to the post of one of my Facebook friends about repairing the worn off wallet, I did it too to my bag.

Here is my bag before and after my DIY repair.
 photo Do it Yourself_zpssyp91k89.jpg

There’s already scarves used in the handle, I used one to cover the bag’s opening. I love to use this bag because it carries almost what I need for work (although too heavy on my shoulder). Good thing, I know how to sew, thanks to my elementary HE teacher (and I forgot who she was) for teaching sewing to us 😉 so big help for me.

More to DIY project for me!

You got bright ideas? Please do share it to me, thanks!

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