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Flickr: My New Source of Photo Storage

Last 2009, a colleague here from ACS shared her blogging tips on how to save my blog’s disk space. I was then saving pictures on my blog wherein the sizes are too big that it ate up a huge space from my disk. Thanks to that advice, I learned to save the photos to be used on my blog in another source – and that is the photobucket. Below is my profile, and it’s now 28% full! Maybe it’s far from being full, but I now wanted to make sure that I would have some other option wherein I can save my pictures and use in blogging.


That is why I now have the Flickr account active. I joined last 2010 and wasn’t so active then. It’s time for me now to be back and be active – use this as my medium to save my blogs’ photos. Thank you Flickr! You are indeed very helpful in my blogging journey. Let’s be together for more years.

Thank you Photobucket and Flickr –  please take care of my photos huh! 😉

 photo dhynnes.jpg