Why Travel

Traveling around the world is one of my biggest dreams. I want to go to Europe, US, Canada and explore Asia. My ultimate passport? my one and only dream – to travel and travel 🙂 because I know this can’t be a reality – oh at least I can travel and explore Asia given that I’ve been to Hongkong already. It’s way cheaper to visit our neighboring countries like Hongkong again, Macau, Singapore, Bangkok Thailand, Seoul Korea, Vietnam and Jakarta Capital City. Easy to say right…. for an average earner like me. But I know some of these will be visited soon!

They say earn today and travel tomorrow, somehow true. That way you can earn memories. Don’t let your money sitting on your bank account, spend some of it on traveling and explore the wonders of the world. Spend some and reserve some for your future.

I admire those people who do travel a lot, thanks to Facebook they can share their happiness by posting and sharing their photos online. I have  a lot of friends who’s into it and they are not minding every cents they are spending, what important is their feet and eyes are happy. Singles often do it, they start with our own country, visiting and exploring the different beautiful spots of the Philippines. The satisfaction and happiness are palpable. I want to do it too, with my family!

It’s  part of my plan, to travel to my own country and some part of the world including the HK, Singapore and Jakarta Capital City, a plan that I make together with my husband, so we will be a traveling family. In fact, we all have passports now (except for our 4 month old baby) preparing ourselves to explore and enjoy the wonders of the nature and different countries 🙂 I want my kids to value memories with us, I want them to experience how beautiful our world is. Naks! For now, since we are still saving money for the big travel – let me first help my children imagine how it looks like by reading them a book and watching videos in you tube. In this way, I am already teaching them to value traveling and building their own dream of riding a plane to visit and explore the earth. In fact, my eldest already has a plan and wanted to go to America, to buy the toys she is always seeing in the videos she watches from you tube. And at the back of my mind, I am hoping she can make it someday.

Traveling one own’s country, traveling Asia or traveling the world, it’s very fulfilling and memory builder if your passport takes you anywhere. So go ahead and travel!

Till then,

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