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A Christian Speaker for Seattle Women’s Groups

When women need encouragement and support, we frequently turn to other women. That may be why so many churches and Christian organizations have thriving women’s groups. These groups allow women to offer support, sister-to-sister, while also engaging in charitable activities and providing space for the spiritual development of their members.

While many of these groups offer regular Bible studies and recreational activities that are led by fellow members, programming is often enhanced by bringing in female Christian speakers who can offer a new perspective and insight to the group. Speakers like Vickie Hoefer of Courageous Women Ministries can add a lot to women’s programming regardless of the size of a group or the types of events it sponsors.

It’s also important to keep in mind that professional speakers are often quite flexible in the types of services that they offer. Many people think of hiring a speaker to address a women’s luncheon or dinner, but there are other ways that outside presenters can work with your women’s ministry.

For example, speakers also offer facilitation services. This means that the speaker can help you create an event and act as “mistress of ceremonies” throughout. For example, if your group wishes to have a retreat, your speaker may be able to help you structure the event and may alternate between speaking at meals or at worship services with facilitating small groups.

When you are looking for a speaker, keep a few things in mind. First of all, it’s a good idea to find out what kind of fees the speaker charges. In many cases, the speaker will charge a standard fee in addition to a request that her expenses because of it. Expenses may include things like travel, meals, and hotel accommodations. Naturally, if a speaker is invited to a retreat, her costs would be covered.

Another thing to consider is scheduling. Some speakers are booked months or even years in advance. On the other hand, it isn’t unusual for a presenter to have a cancellation in her schedule which would allow her to accept a last minute booking. It never hurts to ask if a speaker is available to attend your event, even if it is coming up soon.

If your women’s group is in need of a kickstart and you’d like to maximize attendance at your next event, consider bringing in an outside speaker. An experienced, professional speaker allows you to create an event that is truly a special occasion for everyone who attends.


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