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I Applied in Qatar Airways

I was looking for a better opportunity, a greener pasture and wishing to work abroad. I felt I was stuck in a position for so long. I felt impatient that is why I tried applying online in Qatar Airways as a Senior Financial Analyst.

Months had passed, I forgot already that I had a pending application there. Until one day, I received an international call, it was a phone interview by the Qatar Airways recruitment staff. Sounded a Chinese staff because of her accent. I was at home in Tiaong Quezon and the signal wasn’t clear so the line was cut. I thought she wouldn’t call me anymore, but she contacted me again after few minutes. Thank God!

And then again I waited for more weeks. No feedback. Then the awaited prayer came in, I was promoted yey! I forgot everything about Qatar Airways because I was happy that my prayer was granted. I was sent to Dallas on February 2014, then at California on October 2014. Who wouldn’t be happier right?

When we were in California with my two staffs and was drafting the DTP of the processes we captured from Disney peeps, I received an email from Qatar Airways. I was shocked and happy 😀 I didn’t realize that I will still be considered because it already was long time ago. They invited me for an interview in Doha Qatar. Yes, you read it right, in Qatar itself.

My husband was an OFW in Qatar too so I was so excited to inform him about it that i will be able to visit him if in case. Hindi matanggal sa isip ko if it’s really true, that I would need to go to Qatar just for an interview.

And then I replied that I am open. So the recruiter gave me instructions to process my visa and other related documents at JS Contractor – and I did, that was late 2014.

All was set. I had my visa which lasted for a month, I had my airfare sponsored by Qatar Airways of course

and my hotel which was at Plaza Inn.

visa ticket
Visa and Air Ticket… Okay lang ipost – expired na

I flew to Qatar on January 23rd, 2015. Pano ba idetalye… it was 2 years ago and I can vividly remember everything pa, when I arrived at Hammad Airport it was already night. Hindi ako dumaan sa regular na daanan ng mga passengers, I went through a different custom and had my visa stamped. I was escorted na din to the waiting area, meron kasing susundo sa amin. I saw a girl also waiting like me. And wow she’s a Filipina- was an applicant also but for an HR position. We talked while we’re walking nung dumating na service from the airport to the hotel. And she’s Analene Ocampo – from Arayat Pampanga. She flew all the way from Maldives, she works there kasi.

There’s wifi connection as you know in the airport so I kept my husband updated of where I was. We will meet kasi 🙂 🙂 🙂 . And when we departed from airport ayun the connection was lost. And my husband was waiting for me in front of the hotel ng matagal na (ang lamig pa naman that time), it’s okay hopefully if there’s burswood acoustic guitar.

And finally we reached the hotel, the first thing I asked was the wifi password because I need to contact my husband to know where he was. Sigh! And yes, I contacted him, he’s just few steps away from the hotel. He was allowed to stay naman with me \m/

The following day was my interview- January 24th. We were three na sinundo in the hotel. Analene, me and the Chinese girl who’s applying for a pricing position.

And at the Qatar Airways, I saw a lot of Filipinos, and I liked it there na. Analene was called, the Chinese girl was called at ang tagal na hindi pa ko natatawag 🙁 It was already 12nn or I think 1pm when a girl approached and informed me that the one interviewer had a family emergency and won’t be able to push through the interview without him. So she sent me to the hotel.

Before I leave the Qatar Airways office, the receptionist handed me an envelope, it contained my allowance hihi QAR150/day.

I went to the hotel and told my husband that I wasn’t interviewed yet kaya ipinasyal na lang nya ako sa City Center…

Here are the photos 😉 Scroll down to see them…

Bank of Doha

And the next day, my interview. Shocks I literally felt the difficulty in answering. They were three to interview me. Hirap na hirap ako pagsagot. I even told them ” I am sorry, I wasn’t able to answer your question correctly “. And because of that, alam ko na ang result. But I was still praying baka kasi maghimala haha.

They told me they’d inform me via email about the result. So I went back at the hotel and prepared my things because I will be going home at night.

Hammad Airport

Days, weeks, months and now it’s exactly two years, I never received any feedback haha. Hello asa pa ba ako?

But it was a nice experience. Parang pasyal na lang na libre di ba? San ka pa. Bihira kaya yun! I was able to meet and be wih my husband pa di ba? With free allowance, free hotel accommodation and airfare! Kaya okay na din kahit hindi pumasa. The experience itself is a prize na.

Ayun… I’ve been to Doga Qatar. Tamang tama ang tapos ng post ko, Balintawak na ako and bababa na.

Till next time readers!

Apply din kayo sa Qatar Airways ha 🙂