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LJ was Surprised by Her Papa – Very Moving

Valentine’s Day is mostly celebrated by couples, magjowa or married couple. And it’s extra ordinary for a father-daughter to make this as an important celebration.

But, this human perception has now changed with the video posted on facebook by one of the students of San Pablo Colleges which involves my cousin Laarni Jane Olivo and her father Tiyo Arman Olivo.


The video posted by the students has gained 30K+ views that’s why Filipino Vines group page got aware and posted the same video which earned more views and shares, 600+ (and counting) and 7k respectively.

Here’s the video

I’ve read some of the comments and made my tears fell as I was moved by how they felt about the video and how their relationships with their own father are going. Many of the viewers expressed their sentiments and told how lucky LJ is for having a father like him.

Other netizens also mistakenly judged my cousin saying that she has no date on Vday that is why her father visited her in school and gave this surprise. This is totally untrue because my cousin has a boyfriend and happily sharing moments with him – her boyfriend comes from the same school. See them below.

Lj and bfSocial media really plays an important role in our lives nowadays. But, you need to carefully and intelligently use it. Don’t be affected by the wrong info and negative perception. Use it wisely 🙂

Feel free to view and share the video of my cousin…

Till then,