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Happy 36th!

March 3, 2017 marks my 36th existence here on Earth! Yay to another year added, getting older, getting wiser – getting bigger? hope not!

Okay – here’s my simple post for my birthday 😉

I wasn’t reporting for work when it’s March 3 – that was before when our month end activity was done during the first week of the following month.


Starting this year, our month end closing has changed, it’s now done after the month, so to speak – beginning of the following month. We’re on night shift for the first 3 days of close. So March 1,2 and 3.

It’s not a problem though 🙂 I will be getting used to it again haha…

I took a leave of absence from work – not because it’s my birthday but because I needed to go home in Tiaong Quezon, my tiyo passed away.

Okay……..enough of sadness….it’s my birthday!

Don’t have glamorous celebration…. My dear friends from ITO team surprised me at around 2am of March 3 (I was still in the office as it was only BD2 of month end close)….. I told them not to tell anyone that it’s my birthday, but they went to my workstation and sang a birthday song as if wwbw has keyboard stand with a cupcake and a gift…


At home…..

My husband fetched me… Our room was closed when I went up…. I cannot reach the knife we are using to open the door… My husband was not in the room yet…. I called him and asked to get the knife as I can’t reach it…. I smelled something haha…. It’s not supposed to be closed…..

I opened the door and to my surprise again for the 3rd time, a bouquet of roses on JD’s table and a birthday greeting  from our daughter… Sniff sniff again! I told him not to surprise me because our budget is just enough for the food…. But he still did! And I love it haha…

Me bday


Rose and JD

Thank you Lord God for another year you have given me. Thank you for all the blessings that you showered me and my family. Thank you for keeping us healthy and safe, for gifting me with two adorable kids and a loving husband. Thank you for protecting and always guiding my parents and brothers, my in-laws, friends and cousin… Thank you Lord as always! I love you so so much!

We had a quick trip on Sunday – March 6 at Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban Quezon

So until next year friend. Thank you for being part of my existence! God bless us all!