Buffalo Wild Wings

Want something to try on this summer?

Head on to Mall of Asia and look for Conrad Hotel. It’s near the SMX Convention Center. And from Conrad, there is this restaurant you would know for three things; Wings, Beer and Sports – the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

We were there last…..and I can’t remember when sorry! 😀

It’s kind a pricey haha – and here’s what we only had… 3 servings of these for 14 peeps…

BWW Nachos

BWW Platter

Imagine that – 3 servings of that 2 menus for 14 persons and it’s worth Php6k+. But wow for the taste, very satisfying…. Wanna go back again there… The time when they will be having some band maybe with Guitar Center, prs se, and oh, I don’t think they’d have band… Just some sports show flashing on the screen, wings and beer….. and chit chat with your friends…

Have you been here also? How was your experience?