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Holy Week in Pampanga and My First Visita Iglesia

***Reposting from 2013***

In my early post Let’s Get Holy, I told you about me and JD experiencing Holy Week in Pampanga. We spent our Holy Week there because my husband was here for a vacation. And here is the post showing pictures taken by my husband’s niece Nelvie Ignacio.

Prior to having Visita Iglesia, I witnessed the penitensya wherein some men smashed their back, here goes the photos.

 photo SAM_0232_zpsc4fd44fa.jpg

 photo SAM_0233_zps57e26321.jpg

 photo SAM_0234_zpse6b46f10.jpg

 photo SAM_0237_zps2448f6a0.jpg

 photo SAM_0244_zps0e6c3b81.jpg

I cannot imagine how painful that was 🙁 :((

My husband used to do this when he was young, the reason being according to him was to pray that he may not get the ____. It doesn’t mean that a person doing this is bad, I believe they do it because they are praying and wishing for the goodness of others, like a family member or the like.

And we now go to the Visita Iglesia. On a Thursday night, because I can’t report for work as there was transportation problem, I joined in the Visita Iglesia. Here are the 7 churches we visited.

 photo SAM_0266_zps9de5f371.jpg

First stop – Parish of St. James the Apostle in Betis, Pampanga.

Brief History

Source: Santiago Apostol Parish Church

The 1607 Santiago Apostol Parish Church, commonly known as Betis Church or Parish Church of St. James the Apostle is a Baroque (heritage) Church, located in Betis, Pampanga. It is a Spanish-era church declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines and the NCCA on November 5, 2001 (one of only 26 churches in the country bestowed that honor). It is part of the Ecclesiastical Provinces of the Archdiocese of San Fernando. In 2009, the National Museum installed a marker of its 2005 Proclamation.

The Church is named after “Apung Tiago” or Santiago Matamoros (“Saint James the Moor-slayer”). James, son of Zebedee, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He was a son of Zebedee and Salome, and brother of John the Apostle. He is also called James the Greater to distinguish him from James, son of Alphaeus, who is also known as James the Less).

 photo SAM_0284_zps33fa2bfd.jpg
Momma Dhi Daddy J and JD Inside the Betis Church
 photo SAM_0298_zps25489b49.jpg
Inside Cabalantian Church

Next was at the Cabalantian Church – one of the half – buried Church. You may see below that the roof is almost head high. and the entrance-my husband is taller than it.

 photo SAM_0303_zps1a15558b.jpg
The Church’s Entrance

Third was at Bacolor Pampanga – San Guillermo Parish Church, my husband said, it is where Santino had their shoot for their May Bukas Pa teleserye.

Brief History

Source: San Guillermo Parish Church

San Guillermo Parish Church is named after San Guillermo, the patron saint of Bacolor, Pampanga, the Philippines, where the church is erected. The church was originally constructed by the Agustinian Friars in 1576 – also the town’s founding – with Fr. Diego De Ochoa, OSA, as the town’s first parish priest.having been installed as such two years after.

In 1880, the church was destroyed by an earthquake only to be rebuilt by Fr. Eugenio Alvarez in 1886. On September 3, 1995, lahar flow from the slopes of Mt. Pinatubo which erupted into world notice on June 15, 1991, buried the church at half its 12-m height prompting its more than 50,000 town residents to evacuate to safer grounds in resettlement areas.

Pictures follow

 photo SAM_0307_zpscbf102d3.jpg
Back View
 photo SAM_0309_zps1c6e0745.jpg
Front View

 photo SAM_0310_zpsea7db7a5.jpg

 photo SAM_0311_zps4751692b.jpg
Inside the Bacolor Church – see JD?
 photo SAM_0316_zps0c8f4371.jpg
JD looks up at Mama Mary – she know her already at her young age
 photo SAM_0317_zpsb67ab02f.jpg
Church Half-Buried
 photo SAM_0318_zps6f4ec896.jpg
Showing Lahar Flooded Areas
 photo SAM_0319_zpsa4c2184f.jpg
One of the doors

Next are the churches from San Juan, Sta Lucia, Sto Rosario and Mexico Pampanga. Pictures follow.

 photo SAM_0320_zps123b30c1.jpg

 photo SAM_0321_zps49124dd1.jpg

 photo SAM_0323_zps4ea1c0e0.jpg

 photo SAM_0332_zpsbda7e518.jpg

 photo SAM_0337_zps5631707f.jpg

 photo SAM_0341_zps9a9ba921.jpg

The tour started at 6:30 and finished ammmmmm…can’t remember. I fell asleep during the 6th and 7th church visit, pardon me as I was sleepless that time.

I want to do this again and again, I reiterate, I am thankful that my husband brought me close to that 😉

Till then,