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Patience Was Tested: When LRT Fails

Monday, and it’s expected that volume of commuters are really high compared to the rest of the week.

And I am from Pampanga so I expect that I can’t ride a bus that easy.

This morning, I decided to go to intersection in San Fernando, different from what I usually do. Because I know that It will be difficult for me to ride a bus. Buti na lang, First North Bus wasn’t full kaya I was able to sit pa.

Came Balintawak. I saw a pile of people – sabi ko sa isip ko wawa naman sila, wala ata masakyan. But then, I realized isa din ako. I asked one of the people – “pila to ng lrt?” She nodded… what???? Too long! First time for me to experience it. I had no idea why, basta pila din ako. I had no other way to go to the office but the LRT. If mag bus naman ako- standing na and traffic is worse. So I stayed.

I felt hopeless. How long will it take for us to take the ladder and ride a train. I was thinking of going back home tutal tawid na lang ako sa kabilang kalye and ride a north way bus. But then my mind said, no just wait, you have a meeting. And I’ve already spent money for fare, lugi. Sayang ang leave.

So I stayed.

The lady guard informed us about the delay. There was an electric problem that made it hard for trains to make a turn from Baclaran.

After an hour and 10 minutes – luckily And thank God, I was inside the train already. It was full. Perp dahil maliit lang naman akong paningit (small hips), nakisingit ako sa upuan. Thank God I wasn’t that tired. Thank you sa nagpasingit.


My take…

I am a patient person. Tested yan kahit na minsan eh nakakaramdam din ng inis sa mga taong late and pasaway. But today, my patience was proven and tested. Kasama ng ibang commuters who patiently waited for a ride.

Kung nag bus ba sila or kami, will it take that long? Ganun kaya katindi ang EDSA traffic thag is why LRT commuters opted to wait for an hour? Hmmm…

Oh patience, this is mg story for today. Thank you that I still have you. And thank you because the weather was so good to us too. It was dark and the rain was almost going to pour – I uttered na wag sana bumagsak ang ulan. And thank God, parang sinilong lang pala nya kami. Walang ulang nangyari.

So many beautiful things happened to me today despite the LRT odd. I was able to express 7-8oz of milk. Kung nagpa stress ako sa namgyari hindi ako makaka pump ng ganun kadami. I was able to hold a meeting.. Kung nag leave ako wala ako ma aacomplish… I was able to attend a recon meeting… Na nag end after wala pang 30minutes. Supposed to end at 9pm. Ang galing! Thank God!


We all need patience in our lives. And to be a good citizen of our country. Kasi kanina lahat ng nakapila were well behaved and mannered. No complaints, no singitan sa pila. All endured the morning sacrifice.

Salute to all of us!

Thank you God!