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Civil Service Eligibility Exam

This year’s result of Civil Service Prof and Sub-prof examination was released on Sunday April 23, 2017.

I saw one facebook post on that day thanking God because she was able to pass.

And while I was cleaning our room, sorting our documents, I saw my certificate of eligibility and decided to post the same – in time also for the 2017 release. My post earned my friends’ likes and congratulatory comments hehe. Thinking I passed also this year. One friend asked me if there’s a re-issue 😉 Another friend has invited me to apply in their company as they have a lot of requirements 🙂 Well thank you friend.

What’s the advantage of having to pass this civil service examination by the way?

One thing I know is that – you would be able to apply in any government agencies or institutions. Why would you choose to be in the government agencies? Because they have a lot of benefits – as I heard again, no personal experience.

I passed the examination last October 2002. I took it at Sta. Cruz Laguna. We would know then the result after receiving the certificate of eligibility by snail mail and would take a month for us to receive.

It was my second take. I wasn’t so successful on my first. Because I was jobless then and was trying to enter a government institution I bought a book and concentrated on my review and yey on my second take, I passed!

I am keeping this certificate until now, turning 15 years na. Thank God!

And if you are planning to take the exam, I believe there’s a schedule again this year around October maybe. So go, review and take! Good luck!