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Who’s Preggy? Michelle Madrigal!

I recently followed Michelle Madrigal. Because? Yeah because I like her physically and sexy body, serves as my fitspiration to achieve a belly like hers.

I am not really a fan, san ko nga ba sya una napanood? I think it was at one of the talent shows of ABS… I forgot whew…

I followed her in IG and there I saw her post about her pregnancy with Troy whom also posted about the revelation. According to Troy it was kept secret but then finally revealed. Maybe because Michele had several pregnancy difficulties as she told in her IG post.

No further adoo – here are their posts.

You may check their IG page to know more.

Conratulations to the both of you! Having a baby is a great blessing from God! So savor wach moment that the baby is still on your tummy! Enjoy it!