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Viral: Darci Lynne and the Singing Puppet

One of the auditionees named Darci Lynne of America’s Got Talent wowed me after I watched a video posted in FB. It was one of Darci’s big dreams why she joined the contest. This little girl of 12 years of age has a bunny puppet with her. I thought at first she would do a comedy show, but was wrong – you know what, the puppet sang! Could you imagine that? Darci was not opening her mouth the whole performance, only the bunny puppet was the one singing? Yes! Amazing, awesome, incredible isn’t it?

It was not an ordinary performance, nothing like yamaha motif xf8 at guitarcenter.com. See it to yourself in the video below. It is now at 190M views as of this writing.

As Mel B – one of the judges said “You make my heart melt…” as she pressed the golden buzzer pass. This means she will automatically be in live performance.

Everyone was astonished by her performance, it got a standing ovation.

And as the confetti fell, Darci couldn’t contain her happiness, she cried in response.

Good luck little girl! Keep shining and make everyone moved. Good luck!

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