MFSS Got Talent

To define the meaning of work life balance, Conduent Inc. in the Philippines, well, we at Conduent have various committees that will focus on different goals. One of these is the Employee Engagement Committee which specifically aims to promote work life balance among employees.

They held different activities monthly, and the recent one was the MFSS Got Talent. This activity aims to showcase the talent each team or individual has.

There were 10 participants who competed on the day of the presentation – July 21, 2017. And here are the exciting and enjoyable pictures that depict the performance of all the participating teams.

Commercial Accounting
Commercial Accounting (Kami Yun) Sing and Dance
Transformation (Hand Mime and Choral)

Sino 3

Sino 2

Sino 1

Shared 2
Shared 2
Shared 1
Shared 1
Govt Accounting
Government Accounting
MFSS Got Talent Champion – Billing Team
Champion with Committee
Th Champion with the Committee
Billing Team – Duo (Champion)
2nd Place
2nd Place – Payroll Team
1st Place
Transformation Team – 1st Place

Those were the talented teams. I belong to Commercial Team wherein we presented variety singing and dance by J Lo, Backstreetboys, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls and Beyonce. We ended up 4th place 🙂 Better luck next time.

Meet the Spice Girls

So till next Got Talent show!