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How to Control Your Online Spending Habit

I recently got addicted again to spending. This online shopping is so addicting!!! 🙁

Blame the paypal huhu and credit card yay!

Yes, I am not malling, I avoid my eyes to see fancy things at Mall of Asia. It’s not I have lots of money to spend on, but I sometimes cannot resist if I have some leftover. Good thing is I don’t have much leftover when I chanced upon going to Mall of Asia, everything is budgeted haha. So, the result, I just wow my eyes and not buy them.

But, blame the existence of modern technology, of the social media! (or blame myself!) Most of the stores now are also set up with websites and social media accounts wherein everyone can follow and easily purchase things with just some click. Payment mode is also made easy. If you have a bank account, or paypal account, you can quickly pay them 🙂 No sweat! Just the money from your account and the internet!

That’s what happened to me 🙁 I had my paypal balance (earned from blogging) – which now becomes close to zero, because I was attracted to buy online, particularly from Lazada. And in my paypal account, I also linked my credit card. So if my paypal ran out of balance, the payment will automatically be made from my credit card! Tsk!

So…… because I don’t want this to happen again……

I removed the link of my CC from my paypal. That’s how I will control my online spending habit.

But how about my credit card?

Well…. I should not be using them! So I gradually will pay off the remaining unpaid balance… To avoid finance charge! That’s how I will control my online spending habit.


The most important thing to do is….. I should start to unlike the online store and avoid visiting their websites…. And finally avoid the temptation… That’s how I will control my online spending habit.

The hard earned money should be spent wisely…

Good luck to me,