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Torn to Go or Stay

Oh August, the month when I started this blog last 2008. It’s been 9 years! Happy 9th Anniversary I Just Opine!!!

The time when I was at Advantek Inc and enjoying the friendster but came Facebook, the time when my wordpress blog was suspended because of the advertising haha. That is why this self-hosted blog came up! And what I gained or earned? A lot!

But so sorry about the photos saved in photobucket.com, I needed to update almost all of the articles because the photos are not viewable 🙁

Okay so let start to what this article is all about haha..

You change, we change, I change and they change. Change depends on the severity of situations. Sometimes a need for a huge transformation is necessary when a situation calls to.

When I want to transform myself into something that is really new even though I exist for a long time, I really have to do something and exert effort.

Well it’s hard to write something about what is happening to us because it will be against to the….. and I am really sorry that this post will be vague.

What I just want to convey is that I had gone through a decision process that I know will affect me, my family and our future.

My decision – to stay 😉

I know this will be more advantageous than to go.

At first I wanted to go because 8 years means a lot, but considering my family’s future, I let go of this and face the challenges that are coming.

You now have a hint don’t you 😀  But at least I didn’t expound 😉

So may God bless our journey here.

Till then,