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My Love for Bags

My new found place for bags is here – the beli tas wanita! (Oh em gee – be ready with your online penny!

One of my fetish when I started working and receiving good amount of money, aside from shoes, is bag. I love bags! And when I bought one, I make sure that I can use it for a long time. I can consider it as my investment, you’re not spending a meager amount of money for bags huh, but I am not saying that I have and spend so much for luxurious bags – no, I cannot afford them 🙂 I am satiated with their pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

Online shops are in nowadays. We can find them in IG or in FB, and sometimes, if they have enough money to fund a website, they have their own shopping site. I also love to visit some websites that sell bags and shoes.

And let me tell you my new-found website, it’s the beli tas wanita or the Bobobobo selling bags for men and women. Bobobobo (nice name!) has no hidden fee and anything you purchased will be delivered to what address you have indicated. It’s a hassle free online shop that allows you with easy exchanges and returns. Hmmm, I must try getting one from them! Bags, bags, bags, why are you so expensive, ah, why are you attracting us, what’s in you that women can’t avert buying you? 😀

Okay, by visiting this Bobobobo online shop, I learned that if you subscribe to their newsletter, you will be granted direct access to all their new arrivals collections and special sales ( just like how the other online shop does ). And oh, this is from Jakarta Indonesia though 🙂 But, besides that, they do ship to countries like Singapore, USA, HK, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines (yey!), Australia, India, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, UK and Canada. Of course rates vary depending on your location right? They partnered with Acommerce, RPX and JNE for their domestic shipment, and Fedex, DHL for international shipment.

Bobobobo has brands like Shopatvelvet, Cloth Inc, Self Portrait, Fenty Beauty for women, and Adidas, Vans, Nike, Stussy for men. Wide selection!


I personally like this one above.

Bags – every woman’s life 😉

And you must love them all. If you already have them, you can even sell them and let others experience what you had with your bags. That is why we also must take good care of our bags because we can sell them as hands-me-down (second hand). But I haven’t done it yet haha, because I have no bag that can be resell. My old bags were given to my relatives (if I am not using them anymore, but they are not pricey)

Not to brag, just to share guys, I love the DB bag that my sister-in-law gave me when I visited her in Cali last October 2014, it’s still with me because it’s leather! So authentic! And still in a very good condition. And just last year, I had my dreamed Lacoste bag (shopping bag so big!) which I am still using, the Coach bag that I bought from Cali last 2014 as well. And now yii! I got the MK bag that I should take care because I felt guilty buying it, as it is not a joke 🙂 And lastly, the Charles and Keith that I bought two years ago.

Okay…. I had too much… That is how I love bags. I gift ha, even second hand haha…

You guys, do you also love bags like me? Is your closet already full of bags? 🙂 Don’t hesitate to share, comment down here and let’s talk.

Thanks and God bless!