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How’s Online Shops? Introducing MC Online Shop

I tried to sell online and built my online shop via Facebook – it’s the JDE Shoppe.

I first posted the affordable clothes that can be worn in and out of the office. No one buys haha 🙁

I posted authentic imported bags, should resell from Canada through a cousin and friend’s cousin. I received inquiries- how much is this how much is that. But nobody buys again 🙁

I was planning to sell jewelries through a cousin from Canada again, but I am worried that it will be hard for me to sell so I didn’t push it.

This I tried because I am looking for ways to eke my income. But no success….

Online selling is not for me perhaps….

But the case is different to the cousin I referred here. She sells her items like a hotcake. She initially has clothing lines at shopify, saw her posting items in facebook and IG. Then eventually she posted jewelries. It attracts me honestly. If those jewelries attracted me, it surely attracted more social media users right?

True enough, after days or weeks she posted her jewelries, she posted proof of transactions.

I am proud of her that she is now earning a lot than her current job. And hey guys, she’s not here, she’s in Canada and ships worldwide! How about that and how risky is that? She really has the courage to brave this kind of online transactions and business. And she excels in selling be it personal or online.

Guys if you want to check her items and eventually buy from her you may visit her online shop at or visit and like her shops in FB and IG.

Instagram Shop
FB Beauty Online Shop
FB Clothing and Jewelries Shop

She now is offering a new line of products, the beauty items that introduce the LipSense brand. It is my first time to hear this brand, haven’t heard or seen it here in PH.

If you want to know more about her and the products she is selling, please do visit any of her online shops now (and please don’t forget to tell her that you learn it from my blog ha? ) ?

Maybe my time for selling has not come yet. Will try again soon. For now, let do it for me 😉

Happy Shopping and God bless!