Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Thank you Globe Telecom for another two years of contact with you. Our 24 months has just been renewed last Saturday, October 21, 2017 at SM Pampanga. Unlike my previous experience of taking three hours before I get my phone and my plan settled, it took only an hour as we decided to visit Globe in the morning where it’s not so busy yet. True enough, we were number 18, but most of the numbers ahead of us that were called were not there, thus making it faster to reach pur queue.

Our turn came, good thing we didn’t leave to prowl, we patiently. Old plan of 999 has been downgraded to plan 799 with Samsung Note 8. And because its only plan 799, it has cash out. Just like last year, the cash out has been spread out for 24 months and will be included in our monthly bill. So this means that we will be billed more than P799.

Okay let’s now go to unboxing.

The unit given to us is black, front color is black and back cover is gold. It also is a dual sim but the other slot can also be inserted with USB with 256MB capacity, (so liit). It’s because the unit itself is already 64GB. The box includes the usual – charger, earphones, extra cover for earphones, and a free casing. This is something that is new to Samsung and I love it! It has a free clear case. You know case is costly. I personally prefer to buy the one that will protect my phone no matter how hard it falls to the ground.





Note 8 has an amazing camera function. Na google mo na siguro. I am more comfortable putting photos for you to see than discussing all other specs. Hehe.

It can also create a gif image which you can use to post when you want to greet someone in FB. It also has installed sticker unlike my phone wherein I use the social media to play with my photos.

If iPhone has Siri, Samsung Note 8 has Bixby ? Ask her and she’s ready to give you answer. Silly question? Well unlike Siri, Bixby is not trained well yet to answer silly ?.

This unit costs 49+K in Globe and 54+K in SM Appliance Center.

So if you are planning to have your Globe line renewed, I highly recommend this unit. And by the way – plan799 has 2.5GB data in which 1GB of this is for FB. Unlimited free call and texts to Globe and TM.

Ngayon ko lang naisip ipost this while I’m again on the bus and sitting not so comfortable. I can’t sleep this way kasi I’m at the aisle that’s why I chose to blog muna so I won’t fall asleep.

Till then! Thank you and God bless!