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I Am a Proud Working Mama

*Repost from Feb 26 2016


I’ve been working for 10+ years now, my time has been fully occupied mostly by my work. Facing my laptop for 9 hours a day, spent more time on it than with my daughter whom I can get to kiss and hug when I leave for work and get back to home. Oh sorry not really during those times only. I make it a point to kiss and hug JD and utter I Love You every now and then. To make her feel that I really really love her. And so she also makes it easy for her to say I love you back. Which she does! When she hugs me, she always says “I Love You Mama”. Same goes with her father.

Being with her for oh 9 hours too  but wait… from 2AM to 11AM. I reach home at 2 and JD is already sleeping. We wake up around 8am. Start of our bonding, up until 11. So almost 3 hours only . That’s why I make sure she feels loved.

Thank you facebook “on this day” – kinda throwback of your everything during the past years. This photo made me realize that it’s indeed true. To not or never leave your kids without hug and kiss….

This what we are doing wih JD. Everytime I leave for work, we never forget to hug and kiss each other say love you. She then says back “love you, mwah mwah tsup tsup, ingat!” My day will be incomplete for not doing this. Thankfully we haven’t forgotten yet.

Working mama… needs to recover the lost time. Needs to make bawi to my daughter every time there is a chance, especially during weekends.

As of now, I don’t want to give up working, I still enjoy working for my family. I enjoy being a working mama.